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Every year an astonishing 8.8 million tons of plastic are dispersed at sea worldwide. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that, if nothing is done to change this, by 2050 the total weight of plastic in oceans will surpass that of the fish that swim in them.

Although surfers are generally considered environmentally conscious, they contribute to this pollution by dispersing almost a million surfboards directly in the sea each year. Moreover, when lost at sea, surfboard blanks crumble quickly into micro-particles that are impossible to collect and extremely dangerous for animals that eat them.

100% Sustainable

ERTHA members have long been involved in the fight against this type of pollution and decided to act to substantially reduce and if possible eliminate it by creating 100% sustainable, eco-friendly surfboards.

ERTHA’s goal

In the last few years, the surfing world has witnessed the appearance of a lot of sustainable alternatives, such as wax, resin and more but so far they have been mostly limited to single products. ERTHA’s goal is to integrate these new eco-friendly products with high-tech, non-polluting processes to create fully sustainable and ecological boards.



ERTHA Surfboards was born with one goal: create a highly eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to conventional boards that will deliver comparable, if not better, performance levels.


ERTHA technologies combine the most advanced board production processes with the craftsmanship of local woodworkers whose experience comes from centuries-old traditional knowledge. We love wood, wood is good.


We live in a finite system and we are abundantly exceeding its limits.

At ERTHA we work exclusively with renewable and/or recycled raw materials and we have developed industrial processes that allow us to minimize their use. Not only, but we ourselves recycle as production waste as possible. This way, we manage to make boards with some of the lowest environmental impact in the industry.


Low environmental impact is good, but it wouldn’t make sense if it negatively affected performance. 

After years of research, we found the way to make sustainable boards that are light, flexible, durable and allow the same kind of performance levels as the very best conventional boards on the market.



Every ERTHA model is designed with the use of a proprietary parametric software that allows the optimization of each feature of the board: from weight to flex, from elasticity and strength to hydrodynamics. We also love high-tech!


Wood hollow boards have often been plagued by weight issues. The result of our studies on materials and production processes have allowed us to develop the first hollow surfboards that are lighter than traditional boards and perform better. This is one of the achievements ERTHA is more proud of.


Proprietary software and state-of-the-art CNC shaping machine on one side, experienced woodworkers and passionate surfers on the other. We believe this is the perfect combination and our recipe for excellence.


At ERTHA we use exclusively certified renewable Paulownia and Birch wood, 100% recycled EPS from a local producer and eco-friendly raw materials by some of the best companies in the industry, such as Entropy resins and BComp flax fiber.



ERTHA boards offer an original canvas for artists to create unique pieces. The polished surface can be painted, screen printed or decorated in endless ways to make one-of-a-kind, durable works of art you can surf or might want to hang on a wall for pure visual pleasure.


The ERTHA DIY Kit gives you the opportunity to experience the pleasure of making your own board. The laser precision pre-cut pieces that are very easy to assemble and do not require any tools nor experience, just a bit of glue. It’s a lot of fun and nothing compares to surfing with a board you built yourself!

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