ERTHA team is made of architects, wood workers, software developers but, more importantly, we are long-time, dedicated surfers. That’s why we know what surfers need and want when buying a board.ERTHA’s catalogue offers the perfect quiver for every surfer and a wide range of surfing conditions and styles. From high-performance shortboards to small-wave fun machines to classic longboards, we developed our models to make every rider happy, however they like to surf.ERTHA models are based on some of the most successful and recognized shapes currently available, 3D scanned with millimetric precision and redesigned thanks to our proprietary algorithm to optimize them for ERTHA construction technologies.

Three shapes for those who look for high performance radical surfing, each one developed for specific wave size and conditions. Take them to the air, slot them in the barrel, snap them under the the lip… You name it, they’ll perform.


The word is PLEASURE. Wave catching machines for riding high lines, carving clean walls, pulling into barreling sections or even just enjoying the pleasure of a clean, relaxed straight line. The best surfer is the one that has the most fun and that’s what these board are built for.


At ERTHA, we believe that a longboard is not meant to be surfed as a shortboard, so even the most modern longboard shape should keep some of the “log” spirit. 

Our models are designed for classic lines, nose riding, knee-drop cutbacks inspired by the likes of the great Joel Tudor and his friends, but the lightness and flex derived from our construction methods allow you to take them anywhere you want.


Designed for speed and ow even in the smallest, weakest waves.
The “summer wave” design hides a resourceful bullet. The perfect transition from the single concave to the V between
the ns delivers tons of speed while still allowing radical, thigh turns, even in the steepest part of the wave.


Wanna y?
The Speeding T is an explosive thruster designed for the
most radical style of sur ng.
The ample single concave turns into a double then ends with a V between the ns. Maximum responsiveness, thigh turns and extreme thrust for aerial maneuvers.


The perfect board when waves pack a punch, whether on a beach-break, a point-break or a reef. A balanced board. We like to call it a sage for crazy days.
Volume distribution thought for easy paddle and easy entry combined with a classic single-to-double concave bottom to handle all the energy of those “heavy” days.


The board you want if you get stranded on a desert island. Works for every surfer in a very wide range of conditions. The classic sh tail combined with a brutal concave generates a huge amount of speed while the rail holds in any condition: driving pleasure at full speed!

twin- n = fastest n setup

straight rail = speed

single concave = fastest bottom

low rocker = more speed

wide tail = even more speed

No way you can make it go slow!


Original Bruce Smith design.
In the 1960s Bob McTavish and a few other visionary
shapers would change sur ng forever with the introduction of single- n shortboards with a prominent V-bottom, children of the longboard to shortboard transition. This board is a tribute to that revolution by a shaper that grew up in those years.
Modern-classic single n with a single concave and a straight rail. It’s a carving machine in chest-high waves, a step-up for when your shortboard is not really handling the conditions or a transition board for longboarders who feel like going shorter from time to time.
Elegant, fast and able to draw perfect lines on any wave.


Modern Mini Simmons.
This little “beast” is the heir of Bob Simmons pioneering aerodynamic studies, with added modern features to make it even more skate-like.
The Mini Simmons has been studied and modi ed for decades, resulting on one of the most disruptive surfboard shapes. The EL MOMIS is Ertha’s take on it: fast, loose and fun. Its use is more about a frame of mind than wave conditions. It’s your tool of choice for small, barely ridable waves and it ies on punchy, hollow ones.
If you’ve never tried one, you de nitely should!


It’s impossible to be get more ow with this much maneuverability nor more maneuverability with this much ow.

A timeless shape with a twist: a generous concave nose for smooth noserides with a stylish, elaborate moon-tail which gives extra speed in turns.

For decades, California shapers and surfers have created countless shapes in search for the perfect noseride. Magic feet have tested the smallest variations around classic boards in that search.

At ERTHA, we believe the ones that inspired the La Santa Log to be the most versatile, elegant and disruptive. The most jazzy of all!


EVO for evolutive, but only up to a point.
At ERTHA, we all agree that a longboard is not meant to be surfed as a shortboard, so even the most modern longboard should keep some of the “log” spirit.
The EVO Noserider allows for the most radical, progressive
sur ng, while maintaining all that you want in a classic longboard: a low rocker and good bouyancy for noseriding and a double concave hot-dog tail for radical turns and maneuvers.

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