The MMS Hollow Surfboard Ertha Basic

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Modern Mini Simmons. This little “beast” is the heir of Bob Simmons pioneering aerodynamic studies, with added modern features to make it even more skate-like. The Mini Simmons has been studied and modified for decades, resulting on one of the most disruptive surfboard shapes. The MMS is Ertha’s take on it: fast, loose and fun. Its use is more about a frame of mind than wave conditions. It’s your tool of choice for small, barely ridable waves and it flies on punchy, hollow ones. If you’ve never tried one, you definitely should!
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  • Glossy

ERTHA ECO HOLLOW is arguably one of the most advanced wood hollow surfboards technology, a construction style that dates back to the 1920s and which is coming back strongly on the line-ups for environmental reasons. Under a layer of eco-friendly Entropy Sap One II resin lies the secret: each CNC-cut element of the structure is perfectly optimized for elastic responsiveness and oriented to work accordingly to the wood fiber direction. We are experienced surfers, architects and carpenters!
Hollow Surfboard
Ertha Basic
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