Disco Twin 5.8

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Used, Some Dings Repaired, Light Setup for this test-board.


5' 8" x 21' 1/4 x  2' 1/2 38,3 L

Disco Twin
The board you want if you get stranded on a desert island. Works for every surfer in a very wide range of conditions.
The classic sh tail combined with a brutal concave generates a huge amount of speed while the rail holds in any condition: driving pleasure at full speed!
Twin- = Fastest setup
Straight Rail = Speed
Single Concave =Fastest Bottom
Low Rocker = More Speed
Wide Tail = Even More Speed
No Way you can make it go slow!
Sustainable Technology
ERTHAFLEX is the most responsive technology of our production. It was developed for the RAD Family but it can be used in other board families as well to create interesting, promising “hybrid monsters”.

The core is made of 18-20kg/m³ recycled EPS, combined with an active flex system which is the result of the ERTHA SPINE on the deck and an ampliTex™ Fusion flax fiber reinforcement on the bottom. Just as in the best athletes prosthesis, nothing beats the flex and responsiveness of laminated wood!
Disco Twin
Natural Fiber
Ertha Basic
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