Late Night 5.5

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Woodskin Mate Finish, Solid Medium Glassing.

5’5” 20.75” 2”32   31.3 L


Designed for speed and ow even in the smallest, weakest waves.
The “summer wave” design hides a resourceful bullet. The perfect transition from the single concave to the V between the ns delivers tons of speed while still allowing radical, thigh turns, even in the steepest part of the wave.

The ERTHA WOODSKIN EPS boards are high performance, ecological wave riding machines, built around a 18-20kg/m³ recycled EPS core, laminated with a tri-axial micro-sandwich skin of certified sustainable Paulownia wood.

Micrometric precision is guaranteed by our high range CNC machine. The wooden skin is vacuum laminated using eco-friendly Entropy Sap One II Resin. Light and extremely durable, Paulownia wood is not only the ideal armor for your board, but the reason of superior flow itself.

Late Night
Natural Fiber
Ertha Basic
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