Late Night Natural Fiber Ertha Basic

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Designed for speed and flow even in the smallest, weakest waves. The “summer wave” design hides a resourceful bullet. The perfect transition from the single concave to the V between the fins delivers tons of speed while still allowing radical, thigh turns, even in the steepest part of the wave.
Board Dimensions
  • Matt
  • Glossy

NATURAL FIBER RECYCLED EPS boards are eco-friendly, high performance crafts. The core is 18-20kg/m³ recycled EPS, laminated with AmpliTex™natural flax fiber from our friends at BComp. The shapes, obtained by 3D scanning, have micrometric precision thanks to our CNC machine. The combination of natural fibers and Entropy Bio-based Resin gives these boards an easy, gentle flex. If you don’t like EPS boards for their excessive vibrations, these boards will make you change your mind.
Late Night
Natural Fiber
Ertha Basic
30 days
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